How to Enjoy Coffee on Optavia

It’s been quite a long time since I talked about coffee and it’s probably one of the most frequent questions I get. How do you enjoy your favorite coffee and still stay on plan?

To begin, I think it’s important to know how I take my coffee, so you can tell if it’s up your alley. I like my coffee creamy. I like Starbucks. I like fancy coffees. I like flavored coffees. 

What I‘ve found that it comes down to for me is three things: good coffee, good creamer, and good tools. I have, at most, one cup a day, so I like making it count.

First, I grind my beans every 2-3 days {my fave these days is BLK & Bold’s Rise & Grind blend} and store them in an airtight Ball jar. I could grind them daily, but I don’t find the time-to-taste ratio is really worth it. Second, I always steam {hot or cold—my frother does both} my creamer and the blend, to me, is what really makes it great. I combine:

  • 4 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk {1/2 Condiment}
  • 3T Nutpods Creamer {1 Condiment}
  • 3T Half and Half {1 Healthy Fat}

The almond milk gives me the volume I need for only 1/2 a condiment, the Nutpods {Winter Collection, Regular Variety Pack, or Cafe Collection} gives me the fun flavors, and the half and half gives me the creaminess I need. I use the entire portion of the creamy blend for one cup. If that’s too much for you, feel free to cut them in half of spread them across two cups of coffee. Like I said, I like my creamy. 🙂

For the coffee, I’m obsessed with my Aeropress. It makes one cup at a time and it’s amazing! I’ve owned a Keurig, a Nespresso machine, a pour over, and even Starbucks’ Verrismo machine. My favorite? The $30 Aeropress. You simply place the Aeropress over your mug of choice, add two spoonfuls {Aeropress includes a measuring spoon}, and fill the chamber to the top with boiling water. Then press and voila! Coffee’s brewed. Add your creamy concoction and you’re ready to go.

So if you love your fancy flavored coffees like I do and you want to stay on plan, give it a shot. 

One note: because it requires one healthy fat, make sure your L&G planned for the day is a Leanest or Leaner OR you can just leave the half and half out, but it’ll be a little less creamy. 

Have any coffee tips of your own? I’d love to know your secrets.